The Wright Family » Warsaw, IN Family Photographer

We had the chance to spend some time with the wonderful Wright family. They are SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely loved photographing them and answering a ton of questions the boys asked about my equipment, my job, and everything else. We also played one of their favorite games, Ninja, and I lost every game. Ha!

The Most Gorgeous Bride » Warsaw, IN Wedding Photographer

The one downside to being a wedding photographer was that I wasn’t able to photograph my bride on our wedding day. We went out yesterday afternoon to take some photos and I was blown away by how amazing she looks all over again. These photos are my absolute favorites. Ever. Isn’t she AMAZING??!?!?! :)

Morning Walks in Winona

Between working early and Laura’s school schedule, my morning routine has undergone a dramatic change. I’ve begun rising before the sun (that’s right, mom!) and I’ve gotten to enjoy the early morning light firsthand. September is such a wonderful month – the air gets crisp and the morning light is spectacular. I saw the way the light was coming through the trees and the steam coming off the pond and I was so happy that I decided to bring my camera with me. All of these photos were taken between our apartment and the Post Office. I know these aren’t portraits, but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.



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