Great Light and LOVE!

The best thing about being a photographer is that I don’t have to have a client to photograph. I just love doing what I do.

She would never admit it, but I sort of got the better end of the deal with Laura. Not only does she do an amazing job helping me in more ways than I can count, but she loves me regardless and is behind me on good days and bad. I also have exclusive rights to the best model on the market, which is a definite perk.

Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Laura Ann

The Neighborhood

Yep. I’m way in love.


Holy Boutonnière, Batman.

Um. Today was awesome. I got a hold of some space thanks to the nice people up in conference services and planned out a shoot for this afternoon. Prom style. I can’t show you the images of the main shoot, but the individual pics are preeeeeetty rippin. Update: I’m showing the diptych. I couldn’t resist.


Oh. Also, my friend Meagan was gracious enough to trust me with her D3 – I got my full-frame dream for an afternoon! 50mm on an FX is a dream come true. Thanks Meagan!

Hair was done by Kaylee K. So awesome. Details and makeup were handled beautifully by Laura. And Ashton definitely drove an two hours between classes to pick stuff up. Thanks to everyone for being there and helping out!

Here are the individual shots from after the shoot. Stay tuned and if you’re good maybe you’ll see the finished product of the main shoot. :)






Here’s the gorgeous part. These all are straight out of the camera (hold for slight levels/color balance, and very light skin touch-up). Belissimo.


Picture 3

Bed time.


A Visit From the Governor

Last Wednesday, the students and faculty of Indiana Wesleyan University had an opportunity to have a Q&A time with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. It was an absolutely wonderful chance to ask the person with the answers. Gov. Daniels spoke with confidence and a sense of peace while tackling subjects like job loss and the darker side of public education. I very much enjoyed getting to hear him speak and it was wonderful to be able to put trust in a Governor. (After Blago, Ryan and Walker we Illinoisans are a little on the mistrusting side of them.)

Governor Daniels visits Indiana Wesleyan University, 2009

In other news, I just really, really, really like this photo of Laura.

Miss Sunshine Eyes

See you soon!


Please don’t steal.

My life as of recently…

Wow. Senior Show just went up here at school and it was a rush. I displayed my work alongside some other incredible artists. Seriously it was awesome. Here are a few of the highlights:


















Hope you enjoyed. I know I did.


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