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The one downside to being a wedding photographer was that I wasn’t able to photograph my bride on our wedding day. We went out yesterday afternoon to take some photos and I was blown away by how amazing she looks all over again. These photos are my absolute favorites. Ever. Isn’t she AMAZING??!?!?! :)


Holy Boutonnière, Batman.

Um. Today was awesome. I got a hold of some space thanks to the nice people up in conference services and planned out a shoot for this afternoon. Prom style. I can’t show you the images of the main shoot, but the individual pics are preeeeeetty rippin. Update: I’m showing the diptych. I couldn’t resist.


Oh. Also, my friend Meagan was gracious enough to trust me with her D3 – I got my full-frame dream for an afternoon! 50mm on an FX is a dream come true. Thanks Meagan!

Hair was done by Kaylee K. So awesome. Details and makeup were handled beautifully by Laura. And Ashton definitely drove an two hours between classes to pick stuff up. Thanks to everyone for being there and helping out!

Here are the individual shots from after the shoot. Stay tuned and if you’re good maybe you’ll see the finished product of the main shoot. :)






Here’s the gorgeous part. These all are straight out of the camera (hold for slight levels/color balance, and very light skin touch-up). Belissimo.


Picture 3

Bed time.


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