Hi there!

My name is Jer and I am really passionate about a few things. Before anything else, the reason that I live is because of the risen Christ. I don’t try to overemotionalize it or use it to hurt people, but it is a work within me and the reason I can pursue my passions without perpetually being worried about failure. I follow His will and He promises to provide. If you ever want to ask me about my story, please email me or leave me a message — I would love to talk to you.

I love photography. I have been a student studying all aspects of photography for four years and hope to continue on to get my MFA and eventually become a professor of photography. I have 300+ hours of darkroom experience, 55 hours of color development and processing, 100 hours of contemporary technique and 1200 hours of digital. That’s a lot of hours, but well worth it.

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