Burned Out and Abandoned

I went out for a bike ride yesterday with my F5 (it’s a 35mm film camera) and a few rolls of film. As I was riding, several places caught my attention I photographed quite a few, but these two locations were enough for me to ride all the way back and grab my digital for. The first location is a restaurant that burned down and took several adjacent shops with it. This just happened the night before – it was so fresh that the smell of the burned materials was sharp and strong and there was still water standing from where the firefighters had doused the flames.

The second location has been abandoned for a while. While it is illegal to enter the building, it isn’t illegal to walk around the outside and shoot it from the sidewalk. :)

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  1. Jer I love how you always notice the little details in things. These pics make me miss our conversations on art and random photo trips. Miss you friend! You guys should come visit me in Chicago sometime :)

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