A bit of vacation…

So I’ve had the AMAZING opportunity to travel with my dad the last week. We quite literally drove the entire west coast (San Diego to Seattle) and saw everything there is to see on the way. What an awesome and renewing time. I’ve got 1800 photos to go through, so these will tell the story for now. We’ll see if I get around to posting the rest. Enjoy!

San Clemente Pier

Rocks at Laguna Beach

Morro Bay

San Fran Tunnel

Ft. Baker | Sausaltio, CA

Golden Gate Bridge

San Fran Coast



Redwoods and Haystack

Multnomah Falls

Coffee over Market (sm)

Fruit Market Pike Place

Pike Place People


©2009 Jer Nelsen | Please don’t steal.

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  1. True story: I’m sitting in the airport in Houston, and I have a Double Double from In and Out in my luggage. Can’t wait to get home and eat it. :)

    Great pics!

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