I’m thankful. If you think it’s sappy, it is.

Here’s a post just ’cause I’m grateful for what I’ve got. The economy isn’t the greatest, the summer is sweltering and muggy, I’ve got bug bites up and down my legs, and I’m still living with my parents.

But life is way more than just sulking in what isn’t ideal. Life to me is just enjoying when things go right and learning from when they don’t.

I was thinking about how blessed I am. I’m free. Every terrible thing I’ve ever done — every selfish thought, foolish action and hasty word — has been set right. I’m free.

So I celebrate. Celebrate life, love, hope and the huge adventure that awaits me. My life is an open book —  and I’m doing what I love to do!

So here’s to what I am thankful for — right here, right now.

The best cereal EVER!

I’m so thankful to have food on my table. I know it seems silly or sort of like what your mom would tell you to scare you into eating your brussel sprouts, but most of the world doesn’t have the luxury of a fully stocked pantry. I’m blessed. (And this cereal was awesome.)

Mom and Dad 1

Mom and Dad 2

Mom and Dad 3

I’m really thankful for parents that love me and that hold our family as a very high value. I’m thankful that they took the time to teach me what was right and to correct me when I was wrong. I spent a lot of time thinking they were wrong. I was wrong, and I love them very much. (Even when they text me the results of the US-Spain game before I get to watch it!)


Family Time. Outside, in the sticky summer heat. Gotta love that I can just be with these people because I want to.

Isn't she LOVELY?

The love of a beautiful woman. She loves God so much more than she will ever love me. She encourages me and keeps me going when I’m stubborn. And she really doesn’t need me. But she wants to be with me. Wow. I’m thankful.

I’m also so thankful for being able to help out at Kimberly Smoot Photography. Two really great people there have been a blast to work with and joke with. Lex and Kim, you guys rock.

I got a great education, I live in an amazing country. I know why I’m on Earth. I have a car. I can walk, run, hear, speak, smell, taste, and feel. I’m not sick. I get along with the people who are closest to me. I have a nice bed to sleep in. I’m not in debt. I’m content. I’m in love. I’ve got a place to live. I’ve got GREAT siblings. I’ve got a computer that works great. I’ve got a guitar that holds a tune. I’ve got a cell phone. I have amazing friends.

I’m just blessed.

::jer, thankful style::


  1. Dan Souther

    and even without all of this, still have everything.

  2. These are beautiful pictures of your mom and dad. You are lucky to have them as parents!

  3. jer, this post was beautiful! you were a joy to work with this past summer. i miss you and your talents daily! good luck in all you do. you are a great person! kimberly

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