Artist Spotlight: Andrew Woolbright

I had the privelege of spending time with my good friend Andrew Woolbright this afternoon. Andrew is one of the most devoted and enjoyable people I know. We’ve known each other for a while (he used to beat me in Pokemon when we were WAY younger) and I really respect him and the work that he does.

If you’re wondering what he does, Andrew is a painter. He is gifted with the ability and patience to paint gorgeous portraits. They aren’t a traditional set of portraits. They are something more. As you stand in front of the very large (6’x6′) paintings, you see and feel the texture that works together to bring the pieces to life. The pieces are gorgeous and the body of work is becoming more diverse and intriguing as paintings are added.

I could say more, but I’d rather just leave it to speak for itself.

Check Andrew’s work out at:

Here are some of the photos from today. I’m glad to know this guy and can’t wait to see where his work goes as time goes on!

Andrew 1

Andrew 2

Andrew 3


A Tribute to Kodachrome.

RIP Kodachrome

Studio Supplies

Working Details

Studio Environment

Andrew 5

Andrew 4

If only we had two German Shepherds...

Well worn tubes.

Check him out. He’s awesome.

That’s all for now.


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