Los Angeles, The City of Angels

Hey! I’m in L.A. right now. It’s been a simply wonderful time seeing everything that I’ve heard about all my life. I’m here with my girlfriend, Laura, and her brother. We’re getting ready to road trip back through the gorgeous West and back home to corn-land.

It’s been good being here. I got to see the Oval Office as Reagan saw it and be on Air Force One, see famous original photographs, walk the beaches of Malibu, have some great food and spend time with wonderful people (and person). ;)

Here are a couple to give you an idea of what it’s been like. Look for more from the trip back home!

Freeway 5


Laura 1








And more are coming. Time for bed.


Please don’t steal.

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  1. Hey, Jer,
    Cool pics! The chest x-ray of Reagan is interesting… clearly taken shortly after he had been shot in the left chest. You can see the chest tube which was placed and an infiltrate in the lower lobe with what is probably the bullet still in his chest. Pretty amazing he survived! Glad you had a good trip with your Dad, too.

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