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Every once in a while, we have one of those friendships that is truly unique. My friend Kim Williams has taken a really fun approach to character design. The traditional sock monkey of the fifties has come to symbolize ingenuity in our culture. Kim’s work goes way beyond this. She takes socks and makes them the wildest, most fun personalities you have ever seen. They are truly spectacular. Check them out!

Rose Berkley

Rose                                                                                      Berkley

Torka Gustav

Torka                                                                                            Gustav

Bjork Steve T and Child

Bjork                                                                                         Steve T and Child


In other news, people seem to have taken a liking to our new ‘Osaka Sunrise’ at McConn Coffee Co. It’s funny, because I was just combining different flavors and everyone that tried the Osaka Sunrise really seemed to like it. If you’re an IWU-er, go and try one out. They’re nice, refreshing little drinks on-the-go for ‘coffee-yes’ and ‘coffee-no’ people alike!

Osaka Sunrise


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  1. I was fortunate enough to get to know Kim her Sr. year. What’s cool is now she lives less than 10 minutes away and works a mile away from my home in Indianapolis. I’m very thankful to have her as a friend. It’ll be fun to hang out again in the summer.

    Her sock creatures are amazing. They’re so fun and original.

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