A Little TTV

Every once in a while, I find myself completely astounded by the difference it makes looking through a viewfinder.

Some people know what I mean by seeing the world in a 6×6 square, but for the non-knowers, it harks back to a day when medium format film was a pro standard.

The medium format is sort of like the the medium Polar Pop you’d get at a gas station. It doesn’t hold nearly as much, but it’s a lot less annoying to carry around. While 35mm film offers ease of use, more shots per roll and a wider range of films, the detail and depth that medium format offers is way way way better in most aspects. Think of it like this. you could get a 35″ TV, or you could have an 84.85″ TV. I’ll take the bigger one, thanks. Medium format film also has the option of being rectangular, but usually is shot in square format. Seeing the world through a square is a wonderful experience. The world seems so balanced and everything just has this beauty to it.

(medium format 6×6 vs. 35mm, wikipedia)

I look at the world through the top of my current favorite twin-lens reflex camera, a Yashica-D, circa 1958.

It’s gorgeous.

(from wikipedia) ^^^^

Anyway, on occasion I bust out my digital and photograph what I see through the viewfinder (also called TTV). For some people it might be a cool gimmick. For me, I’m trying to share how amazing it is to see life through the ground glass of a camera like this.


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